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Trip to Mexico.–Oswald was in Mexico from September 26, 1963, until October 3, 1963.521 (See Commission Exhibits Nos. Its reaction, which has been bundled in its entirety in this Report, bundled a summary statement of Oswald’s activities at the Cuban Embassy,546 a photograph of the software for a visa he completed there,547 and a photograph of the communication from Havana rejecting the application unless of course he could to start with present a Soviet visa.548 (See Commission Exhibit No. 2564, p. The 4 promoters of the advertisement deny that they had any know-how of or familiarity with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to November 22, or Jack Ruby prior to November 24.486 Each has supplied a assertion of his position in relationship with the placement of the November 22 ad and other issues, and investigation has revealed no deception. This page reproduces Commission Exhibit NO. 1400: map displaying Lee Harvey Oswald’s movements in Mexico City.

The only proof of curiosity on Oswald’s aspect in rightist teams in Dallas was his alleged attendance at a rally at the Dallas Auditorium the evening previous Ambassador Stevenson’s deal with on United Nations Day, October 24, 1963. On the evening of October 25, 1963, at the invitation of Michael Paine, Oswald attended a regular monthly assembly of the Dallas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union in which he was afterwards to search for membership.446 During the study course of the discussion at this meeting, a speaker outlined Maj. Oswald arose in the midst of the assembly to remark that a “night time or two nights prior to” he had attended a conference at which General Walker had spoken in conditions that led Oswald to assert that General Walker was both anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic.447 General Walker testified that he had been the speaker at a rally the night prior to Ambassador Stevenson’s overall look, but that he did not know and experienced in no way heard of Oswald prior to the announcement of his name on radio and tv on the afternoon of November 22.448 Oswald confirmed his attendance at the U.S. Weissman and Burley recognized Schmidt’s prompting and traveled to Dallas, arriving on November 4, 1963.462 Both attained work as carpet salesmen.

488 Lane also manufactured this allegation for the duration of a radio appearance, whereupon Weissman twice demanded that Lane expose the name of the informant. The Commission has investigated the allegation of a Weissman- Ruby-Tippit conference and has located no evidence that these kinds of a conference took location wherever at any time. Studies have discovered that sexual operate is better in women of all ages who take in pornography routinely than in ladies who do not. One was a tall, slender Negro with reddish hair, definitely dyed, who spoke quickly in both Spanish and English, and one more was a person he mentioned was Lee Harvey Oswald. Klause’s testimony receives some corroboration from Bernard Weissman’s testimony that he noticed a copy of a person of the “Wanted for Treason” handbills on the floor of General Walker’s station wagon soon just after November 22.515 Other facts of the manner in which the handbills have been printed have also been confirmed.516 Moreover, Weissman testified that neither he nor any of his associates experienced something to do with the handbill or were acquainted with Surrey, Klause, Lettercraft Printing Co., or Johnson Printing Co. 517 Klause and Surrey, as perfectly as General Walker, testified that they had been unacquainted with Lee Harvey Oswald and had not heard of him prior to the afternoon of November 22.518 The Commission has found no evidence of any link involving people dependable for the handbill and Lee Harvey Oswald or the assassination.

Surrey geared up the textual content for the handbill and seemingly utilized Johnson Printing Co. amenities to established the variety and print a evidence.498 Surrey induced Klause, a salesman employed by Lettercraft Printing Co. of Dallas,499 whom Surrey had fulfilled when both were utilized at Johnson Printing Co.,500 to print the handbill “on the side.” 501 According to Klause, Surrey contacted him originally roughly two or two 1/2 months prior to November 22.502 About a week prior to November 22, Surrey delivered to Klause two slick paper magazine prints of images of a front see and profile of President Kennedy,503 alongside one another with the textual site evidence.504 Klause was unable to make the photographic negative of the prints desired to prepare the photographic printing plate,505 so that he experienced this characteristic of the task accomplished at a neighborhood shop.506 Klause then organized the halftone entrance and profile representations of President Kennedy at the prime of the textual material he experienced received from Surrey so as to simulate a “gentleman needed” police placard. In his deposition, Ryder emphatically denied that he talked to any reporters about this subject prior to the time a story about it appeared in the November 28, 1963, version of the Dallas Times-Herald.636 Earlier, even so, he told an agent of the U.S.

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