9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Earpiece

9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Earpiece

Bluetooth is really a great invention of the modern times. Usually, Bluetooth earpieces or so called headsets allow you to drive, speak and enjoy music happily while keeping the device at a distance. Another very famous term related with the Bluetooth earpieces is ‘Hands free’, because they allow you to make communications without holding your hands.

When the first hands free Bluetooth earpiece released many companies got indulged in the manufacturing of this techie gadget and now there are a lot of brands available in the market that produce hands free earpieces. Now the question arises as what kind of Bluetooth earpiece should choose from so much of varieties? Some points suggested by some professionals on how to choose the best hands free Bluetooth device are discussed below:

1 – Sound Quality with latest technology – A big quality of a Bluetooth device should be clear and noise free sound, you should go for Digital Signal Processing technology which has the quality of balancing background noise by increasing listening volume level.

2 – Ease of use – Right after considering quality of sound you need to consider about Comfort ability of the device, a lot of people do not think about this aspect that every human has his/her own level of comfort, for some people good sound quality may be enough, but some might not be content only with it because it may not be sitting perfectly on ear. In the last decision of buying a Bluetooth earpiece you should consider about the comfort-ability of the Bluetooth earpiece.

3 – Pairing aspect – The pairing of Bluetooth device should be speedy and it should be able to pair with seven Bluetooth devices at a time (which can include PDAs, MPs player, mobile phones, printers etc)

4 – Range of Bluetooth – When going to buy the Bluetooth earpiece, you have to consider the range of the Bluetooth device, the normal range can be of 30 feet which is roughly 10 meters. Try to communicate with the Bluetooth device in both hindered and unhindered distances.

5 – Usability – Some Bluetooth have the inbuilt voice recognition system. This system helps a lot when you are really not able to use your hands for receiving a call or making a call, particularly when you are driving your car. This is commonly called as voice-activation feature.

6 – Considering Price – The Bluetooth prices differ in market according to their qualities. Brand is also a factor of determining price of a Bluetooth earpiece. The Bluetooth earpieces with high prices are usually high-tech devices but a Bluetooth having great sound quality can be bought in the range of $60-$120.

7 – Life of Battery – A commonly seen complaint about Bluetooth devices is their battery life; a quality hands free Bluetooth earpiece usually gives at least 8 hours of talk time and a standby time of100 hours, you need also to consider about the charging time to make it fully charged.

8 – Compatibility Issues- the Bluetooth earpiece should use at least Bluetooth 1.1 version, after this comes 1.2 versions which is very much becoming popular, this version reduces interruptions in the radio frequency via frequency hopping selection for better security. The latest version Bluetooth is 2.0, which has faster transmission rate and consumes lower battery.

9 – Considering Warranty – At last you should also consider about the warranty period of a Bluetooth earpiece so that in case it has some errors you should be able to return or replace it within time. Normally a manufacturer of Bluetooth earpiece provides at least ten months warranty.

The Bluetooth technology is continually developing; you have to be certain while buying that the one you purchase is compatible with many kinds of other Bluetooth enabled devices.

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Lourdes Broyles
Author: Lourdes Broyles