Basset Hounds

You can describe Basset Hounds as tan and black with long ears, long bodies, heavy heads, and comparatively heavy and short legs.

Their tails are long, narrow, stand with a curve and have white tips so you can see them easily while hunting in bushes. They have hanging structure which causes the face sad with the loose. The downward and trailing ears help to catch the scent for tracking.

These are extremely faithful dogs with brown coloured incredibly accurate noose.

The Basset Hounds are large dogs with short legs but surprisingly long body and can reach things on table tops easily instead of other dogs. Bassets are so heavy and have such short legs, they cannot swim in water.About their feeding, always use a branded dog food for your Basset to keep them healthy. Also they need ample of exercise and a high quality diet to maintain their ideal weight.

The grooming of Basset Hounds is not expensive but their ears and teeth need regular care.

Also they have elastic skin with many folds that needs to be kept clean. Weekly brushing can minimize the amount of hair falling in your house and good to spend some time with your dog. Bathing Basset Hounds needed to keep them clean but it is totally depends on your dog's lifestyle.

Never use human shampoo, use only dog shampoo to wash and rinse carefully to remove shampoo and keep water out of the ears. You can use an alternative option for bathing; you can rub down your dog with a damp wash cloth or towel. The nail trimming is an important part of grooming and you can do it by using sharp nail trimmer and styptic powder for dogs.

Mostly Basset Hounds suffers with ear disease due to the very long ears.

If daily their ears are hanging down on the ground or in food then there are chances of development of chronic and fatal ear diseases. Basset may also have eye issues because of their droopy eyes. The area under the eyeball collects the dirt and it becomes congested with mucus so it is best to wipe their eyes every day with a wet cloth.

This helps to reduce the eye irritation and eye disease. Basset may also have mushroom infections in the folds around the mouth, wiping the area with a clean, dry towel and applying talcum powder can decrease this risk.

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Benjamin Costa
Author: Benjamin Costa